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my devotion is unalterable.

"It's my own personal brand of romance."

3 May 1983
watashi wa namae wa

Raven desu.
me? obsessions? of

course not! *smirk*
me gusta! no me

call me rae. green eyes. brown hair. sweet. funny.

snarky. bad ass bitch. stubborn. web designer. reader. writer.

singer. dancer. lover. sister. aunt. bi. gay rights advocate.

marriage equality believer. music lover. thespian. pagan. kitchen

witch. 80's baby. poor speaker of japanese and american sign

language. amateur photographer. believer in the paranormal and

friending: you don't need to ask to friend me, but unless I

know you previously, or from some other corner of the interwebs, I

probably won't friend you back unless I get to know you.
beta reading: I will

beta read for you, if you'd like. See fandoms and pairings to the far

comms: my fic

comm is
aki_hoshi_fics . or you can read my fics at www.aki-hoshi.com.

shadyass , kradamsearch , and run joshpeckstills .
Current layout by thefulcrum
firefly. heroes. drake & josh. battlestar

galactica. qaf. dexter. torchwood. robin hood. buffy. angel. house.

harry potter. friday night lights. dr. horrible's sing-along blog.

icarly. veronica mars. ranma 1/2. ceres. ah! megami-sama. fushigi

yuugi. inuyasha. secret circle. night world series. a prayer for

owen meany. sweep. twilight. the host. nora roberts. l.j. smith. r.l.

stine. cate tiernan. dan brown. edgar allen poe. shakespeare.

christopher pike. peirs anthony. stephen king. daniel radcliffe.

zachary quinto. drake bell. josh peck. john cho. jensen ackles. jared

padalecki. jerry trainor. gareth david-lloyd. john barrowman. eve

myles. joe armstrong. jonas armstrong. cheryl burke. kristen bell.

lucy griffiths. kris allen. adam lambert. matt giraud. michael

sarver. anoop desai. megan joy. lil rounds. david cook. kelly

clarkson. scott macintyre. danny gokey. allison iraheta. the uk.

WWII. vampires. magick. old school anime.
fave colour: green

fave food: mexican(tacos, burritos, enchiladas...)

fave movie: the boondock saints

fave cel-animation: the last unicorn

fave cg animation: wall·e

fave music: anything, really. not terribly fond of opera

and most rap.

fave band: linkin park

OPT: Harry/Draco

fave book series: so hard to choose! probably both

secret circle and harry potter. then night world

series. then the vampire diaries. then sweep. :D

fave cookie: shortbread

fave dessert: erm... cheesecake. pie. cookies. ice

cream. lol.

fave pie: apple! with french vanilla a la mode. :P

cookies. dark chocolate. truffles. boys. girls.

boyxboy, girlxgirl. sex. fruit. coffee. cherry coke. pasta. cheese.

olives. classical. movie scores. pop. rock. alternative. techno.

folk. jazz. blues. rain. lightning storms. fires. raspberry.

musicals. coconut. books. manga. movies. tv on dvd. mysteries.

thrillers. action movies. japan!


mpreg. ooc. messy people. homophobes. racists. idiots. bad

drivers. intollerance. netspeak. improper grammar. abuse of the

English language. bad web design. laziness. Ginny-bashing.

Harry/Hermione (come on people!). Harry/Ron.
Harry Potter:
Harry/Draco, Albus/Scorpius,Ron/Pansy, Ron/Hermione,

Harry/Charlie, Teddy/next gen boy, Lilly II/next gen, James


Drake&Josh:Drake/Josh, Drake/Mindy/Josh, Josh/Mindy,


Robin Hood:
Robin/Marian, Guy/Marian,Guy/Allan, Robin/Allan,Will/Allan,

Will/Djaq,Allan/Djaq, Marian/Allen, Robin/Carter,

Robin/Much,Allan/Much, Much/Kate

iCarly:Sam/Freddie, Carly/Freddie

InuYasha/Kagome, Miroku/Sango, Sesshoumaru/Kagome

Ranma 1/2: Ranma/Akane, Ryouga/Ukyo, Ranma/Ryouga,


Torchwood:Gwen/Rhys, Jack/Ianto, Owen/Tosh

Star Trek (2009): Sulu/Chekov, Kirk/McCoy,

Spock/Chekov, Spock/Sulu, Spock/Uhora,

Avengers (2012): Steve/Bruce, Steve/Natasha,

Natasha/Hawkeye, Natasha/Bruce, Bruce/Tony, Tony/Pepper, Tony/Steve

Sherlock: Sherlock/John

Supernatural: Dean/Castiel

RPF: Drake Bell/Josh Peck, Kris Allen/Adam Lambert

There's a lot more...I just watch/read too many things. Some

don't really even need pairings beyond the canon, so they're not

really listed here.


ya'll! I've made this journal friends only for various reasons. I've

originally said that you can friend me, and that I may friend you

back if I know you from around LJ or the internet, and that's going

to stay the same. For new people looking to friend me, please PM me

explaining why you want to read my journal, and how you found me to

be considered. (And also to make sure you're not a bot.) XD

I can't guarantee that I'll friend back everyone, but this will

mostly be due to trust/confidentiality issues. If you've already

friended me but I've never friended you back, it's because

I don't know you, and you've never commented here, or bothered

getting to know me. If you make an effort, I'll friend you back.

Simple as that. Lurkers beware.

If you're just looking

for my fic, please go to aki_hoshi_fics . :D


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